Oct, 2017

What is PHP?

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PHP stands for “PHP: HyperText Preprocessor”. PHP is a server side scripting language for making logie driven websites. Ever wonder how they made that “contact us” form on their site, which sends out emails? Well, they used PHP. Or, how they made that image upload tool? Well, they used PHP. PHP written scripts can use database to keep track of your customer’s and visitor’s activities on your site, send out periodical newsletters to your subscribers, upload files or images and drive the content on your site dynamically. The possibilities are endless. Most of the social networking website you visit are writing in PHP. Yep! PHP is that powerful. Learning The Basics of PHP will help you tremendously in your Webpage development. PHP sits between your browser and the web server. When you type in the URL of a PHP website in your browser, your browser send out a request to the web server. The web server then calls the PHP script on that page. The PHP module executed the script, which then send out the result in the form of HTML back to your browser, which you see on the screen. Here is a basic php diagram which illustrate the process.

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